Program Design Module + [OPEX CCP Online] Assessment module

Date: January 23-25, 2015

Host: Crossfit 852 Causeway Bay  – Register your interest via email at

Schedule: 7am – 4:30pm 

Theory: 3 Day in-person – theory + exam 

50 question Exam (80% or higher needed to pass)

***Note: completion of Level 1 Online Assessment Module (theory portion)

is a prerequisite to attending Program Design***


Upon completion of the weekend Theory and Exam each coach will have the ability to:
• Design effective programs based on clients needs and goals
• Understand energy systems and how they intertwine in a program and how to prioritize
• Understand different tools to accomplish energy system demands as well as skill based vs. intensity based training
• Understand the science behind sets/reps/rest
• Use assessment results and collaborate them in the program design
• Schedule frequency of training, periodization and intensity/volume
• Understand the importance of prioritization in program design
• Deliver the program design to the client in a concise, effective manner
• Upon completion of theory and exam, participant will receive recognition for passing the Exercise Physiology Program Design Module

OPEX CCP Level 1 Prerequisites:
• Coaching for a minimum of 1 year OR view the online OPEX Experience course
• Ability to proficiently instruct physical movement
• Completion of Level 1 Assessment module

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