What is CrossFit?

The official definition of CrossFit is “constantly-varied, high intensity, functional movement”.
What does that really mean?
“Constantly-varied” – your workouts are always changing – you’ll never get bored and your body won’t adapt to repetitive programs which means it is constantly challenged.
“High intensity” – Workouts are generally short and performed at high intensity. This has been proven to have the best effect on fitness and body composition.
“Functional movement” – CrossFit movements are relevant to everyday life.
Crossfit programming combines weightlifting, gymnastics and high intensity training in order to achieve the best results in the shortest time.

Why are you better than a regular gym?

Regular gyms or “globo-gyms” are generally a lonely non-interactive experience. CrossFit is all about the community. Your fellow athletes will all know you by name and you will challenge and support each other on your fitness journey. This keeps motivation high and makes the entire fitness experience fun.
In addition you will get the specialized attention from our highly trained coaches at every class.

It seems very expensive?

Pricing is certainly comparable to a globo-gym membership fee. However if you were to hire a personal trainer for all of your gym sessions you’d soon find the cost to be significantly higher. At CrossFit852 we provide premium equipment and highly trained coaches to give you the ultimate fitness experience.

What should I expect in my first workout session?

First and foremost – expect to have fun!
Whether you’re new to CrossFit or a seasoned veteran our coaches will welcome you to the facility and show you the ropes. We provide changing rooms and shower facilities so all you need is your workout gear.
You can experience the fun of a WOD (workout of the day) with other members and meet some new friends!

A normal class is usually structured as follows:
Warm up: Stretching, mobility, 3-5 mins of light exercise to get the blood flowing
Part A: Strength or skill work – usually lasting around 20 minutes
Part B: WOD – this is the workout of the day and will be a high intensity workout lasting anywhere from 2 minutes to 25 minutes

Do I have to be fit to do CrossFit?

Absolutely not. Anyone can do CrossFit and everyone will see results. In fact, if you are unfit, you will see results exceptionally fast!
Our coaches will scale and adjust the workout to your own abilities which will allow you to complete the work safely.

Can I just join up for any WOD class?

If you’re new to CrossFit you are welcome to join us for a free trial class. Please contact us at social@crossfit852.com

What is CrossFit On-Ramp Prep Course? Why do I need to do this?

The On-Ramp is essentially the CrossFit fundamentals course. This is required to teach new athletes to perform the movements safely and with correct form. It is entirely for your benefit to ensure you are confident and safe when doing the movements in a workout.

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