The aim of #852community is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness supported by measurable, observable and repeatable results.


We grow our clients to become resilient and confident in the physical demands of life. Whether it is guidance or community you seek, we offer this at the heart of Hong Kong.

Crossfit -WOD

Programmed with variety. CrossFit WOD encompasses everything from gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning all in just under an hour.

With this combination of cardio, weights, and bodyweight movements, we optimize building strength and conditioning to a new level.

Class Focus:  #BroadWorkCapacity #AccommodatedIntensity  #HolisticFitness

Join this class to get the most out of your training.

852 Olylifting

Hone your lifts. Dial in your strength with our Olympic Weightlifting class. 852 Olylifting is designed to help you build power and technique through structured training cycles geared to leap your lifts to a higher standard.

Class focus: #TheSnatch #Clean&Jerk #AuxillaryLifts #Form&TechniqueCorrection

Check it out to get technical.


Sweat your heart out!

With a focus on a higher variety of movements, this specialty class is designed to improve your work capacity without the need to learn complex skills or technical movements.

This sets the fitness foundation for our CrossFit WOD programs.

Class focus: #FunctionalFitness #FundamentalMovementPatterns #Threhold training



CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that focuses on general physical preparedness. The over goal is to increase a person’s work capacity in all aspects of conditioning, weightlifting and gymnastics with short, medium or long duration workouts.

After officially joining us, we provide an “On-ramp” class that runs you through the fundamental movements used. You can join any class as a beginner for we have coaches overseeing each class, but we highly recommend 852 Sweat to start with!

Our coaches are trained to provide you with a variety of regressions to making it easy for you to join any of our classes with confidence.

All of our membership rates and packages offer can be found in our rates page over on our website!

We provide a one time drop-in for both visiting and HKID holder.

The fundamental class is complimentary but not needed to new members of CrossFit 852. After consultation with our coaches, you can decide to attend it or not.

Yes! We provide separate packages to those who are interested in more specific types of training. Check out the different classes we offer under “classes & schedules” on our website as well have a look under “rates” for the pricing of our stand alone options.

We offer personal training sessions for more needed attention and specific goals. You can inquire for more details over at