Initially pursuing fitness in university, Ross had fallen in love with strength training and discipline that came naturally to him. In his journey for performance variety, he discovered CrossFit in 2013 and had an easy transition to its training method. Since becoming a coach, he continuously strives to help people realize optimal ways to exercise leaving his clients with a better understanding of their movements. Ross is a friendly and easygoing person that is great to chat with!

Trained to become a competitive tennis player, Sophie understood what the human body is truly capable of. Unfortunately due to a severe illness, she had to give up tennis. Yet this blessing in disguise allowed her to jump-start her ambitions into fitness again. Starting her fitness career in 2012, Sophie hosted outdoor bootcamps and trained private clients exclusively. A year after, she began her CrossFit journey here in CrossFit 852 and competed in both CrossFit Asia & CrossFit Pacific Regional competitions. From being an avid member to a valued trainer, Sophie has always been respected as an athlete and even more as a trainer. Feel free to come in and learn her ways.

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CrossFit Sanctionals athlete, and former NCAA football player, Angus discovered CrossFit in 2012 when he was in school, and joined the 852 teams in 2016. Angus competed at the CrossFit Sanctionals team division with other box members in 2019. He also had a few podium finishes in overseas competitions. Besides competing, he enjoys helping members progress, achieve new PRs, and unlock new skills. Angus is always up for a chat about training progress, nutrition, music, web3, memes, and more! Make sure to catch him inside and outside the box.

The backbone of our gym, Daphne can be easily seen as the swiss army knife of CrossFit 852. With her strong background in operations and customer relations, she is our go-to person to keep the box in check and services running. Whether in or out of the gym her “can do” mentality leaves you confident that she always got your back in any inquiries you have.

Once a skeptic to now a CrossFit Trainer, John yearns to grow in his craft in helping people change their health for the better. With being involved in the competitive sphere of Rugby, Track & Field, and Cross-country running, he holds a passion for performance training and the benefits that comes with it. After implementing CrossFit in his routine, he was amazed to see the genuine improvements he saw in his own fitness and health. John strives to share the same experience by guiding his clients to a greater health through fitness.